We cannot recommend Julia Henty highly enough for anyone considering using a doula. My wife and I decided quite late in our pregnancy that we would use a doula (a concept that was quite foreign to us) and after having a very such successful birth, we put this down to the assistance we got from Julia. From the first meeting with Julia my wife and I felt instantly relaxed and relieved that we had someone that we could trust to work with us on one of the most important moments of our lives.

Julia’s approach is relaxed, supportive and comforting whilst being incredibly knowledgeable with the birthing process. Julia exceeded all of our expectations, from our initial meetings prior to the birth & creating a birth-plan, to being be there when we needed her (which just so happen to be in the middle of the night) when our baby decided to come, to after the birth where Julia continued to care and support us. It was during the birth was where Julia really shines and her supportive & calm demeanour allowed my wife and I to feel much more prepared than we ever would have expected. Julia does not force an opinion, she simply acts as a support person with a positive attitude and gives you the confidence you need to make the right decisions for yourself.

We relied on Julia’s expertise and knowledge to guide us which allowed us to do all the right things and to have a very straight-forward and calm birth which when having your first baby can be very overwhelming. Julia stayed with us through the whole experience and without her, my wife and I have no doubt that our birth would not have gone as smoothly. If you are considering using a doula, we couldn’t recommend Julia enough. We have already told all of our friends and family who are pregnant that they need to get in touch with Julia and my wife and I feel having Julia by our side was by far the best investment we made during the pregnancy. I welcome you to contact me if you had any questions or for further recommendation. - Helena & Lee 2015

Doula Julia is amazing! I knew I wanted Julia to help me with the birth of my first baby during our initial meeting. Julia was relaxed, focused and informed; and this is the attitude she brought to the birthing room. My labour went for about six hours. I had no drugs (not even Panadol), and I didn’t need stitches after the birth: I credit this to Julia’s great work. During one of our pre-labour meetings we discussed my labour intentions which included having a natural labour, for as long as possible. This idea was put to the test by the doctor in the first few hours of my labour: I was advised to induce the birth.

Julia’s voice of reason helped me weigh up the doctor’s advice and the risks. With the help of Julia’s labour techniques and exercises I went from being 1cm dilated to 6cm dilated in about two hours; and so I no longer needed medication. About two hours later, and completely drug free, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Julia’s birthing knowledge and guidance was phenomenal and gave me the perfect birth experience.

Julia was supportive during my moments of fear and held my hands during the excruciating pain. Julia is so totally talented in the birthing room she even found opportunities to take the most amazing photos. I can now look at these great pics and relive the fantastic experience; and the best part is I can share my daughter’s momentous birthday with her. I’d recommend Doula Julia to any woman wanting a relaxed and focused birthing experience. - Niki 2014

Julia, Ross, baby Bennett and I all just want to say a massive thank you for being there for both the big day last Monday and throughout the pregnancy. You were truly amazing and we couldn’t of asked for anything better and you helped us achieve the water birth I so wanted. From the very first moment you arrived in the morning to the post delivery period there is not a single thing I would have changed.

You instinctively knew what I wanted/needed even when I didn’t and that is an amazing skill. I can’t remember even asking for anything cause you were already doing it – from massages, taking photos, timing contractions, heating the heat pack, cool/warm towels etc. You were also able to read my contractions and let me know what was working and what wasn’t which was an amazing intuitive skill. Overall you helped the day stay calm positive and even relaxing (until close to the end anyway). I can honestly say I enjoyed the pre-labour time at home with you. I was comfortable with you and at no stage did I feel self conscious or embarrassed – which is a fantastic thing given all that goes on during birth.

I know Ross will also be forever thankful for your help on the day and for you being there for me during the morning and when he needed to clear his head and stretch closer to the end. It’s an intense experience and defiantly a marathon not a sprint. It is a tough ask of first time dads and the way you two communicated was fantastic. Everyone should have a doula for pregnancy and birth. The mid wife’s are fantastic but they have a job to do as well and can’t always provide the emotional support or the little things like splashing water on an aching back that seem to make all the difference and just get you that bit closer. I will 100% be calling on you for bub number two – that’s how fantastic you were and how special you helped make the whole experience – only a week after birth and I am prepared to do it again! I will be forever saying thank you! Xxxxx - Jessie & Ross 2014

Dear Julia, After three weeks of having our beautiful girl Billie in our lives -with a little routine and a few sleepless nights- my partner and I finally have the chance to say “thank you”. My pregnancy was easily the most challenging experience of my life so far. I wasn’t sure what to expect in having a doula as well as a midwife until you came and visited us to introduce yourself, you explained in every detail your support for my partner and I in our decision to give birth to our breech baby naturally. My fear of the unknown faded with every visit or conversation we had and I can honestly say that I don’t think I could’ve remained so calm without your extensive knowledge and support. Even when we eventually had to change hospitals and switch our plan to a Caesarean at the last minute (literally on our due date!!) you were hugely supportive and calm, even when we weren’t. You carried this support through to the delivery date and were there for me as soon as my contractions started at 3:30am! As Jessie says in her comment above, the midwives at Manly Hospital are fantastic but are obviously busy performing other tasks while you are providing the emotional comfort and support required on the big day. I cannot thank you enough for helping us prepare for and deliver our beautiful daughter and will be recommending you as a Five Star Doula every chance I get. Your impressive knowledge and first-hand experience provided us with a beautiful birthing experience. Thank you. xx Lisa, Joel and Billie. PS: I forgot to mention the tips and advice you gave on breast feeding! The little articles and links you gave us to read helped to no end. We will see you again … That’s for sure :)! - Lisa & Joel 2014
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