As your Doula I become a person you can count on.

I offer honest advice and never judge. This is your experience, your birth and I am here to help you achieve whatever it is you would like to achieve.

I am here to help you and your partner become a confident team who are excited about their upcoming birth.

I schedule our first 2 hr appointment usually at around 34 weeks pregnant and then again at around 38 weeks. Don’t worry if you are past this date, it is never too late to book in!

For those meetings I will come to your home and we discuss all things pregnancy and birth.

We talk about how your pregnancy has been going, any issues, your thoughts about birth, fears and dreams, your partners role, your ideal birth and other possible birth outcomes.

We write a birth plan and you will feel totally prepared for your upcoming birth.

I am available on the phone or via email 24/7 for questions, concerns about your meeting with your care provider or a horrible birth story you might have read!

  • I will then be in touch with your first contractions and meet you at your home once you are ready for me.
  • I offer to walk, chat, dance, sit in silence or massage you. I can be very hands on or more in the background, depending on your needs.
  • I go ‘on call’ for you 4 weeks in total, starting 2 weeks before your due date until 2 weeks overdue.
  • I am more than happy to take photos either on your phone or on a camera. Please let me know if you would like me to bring my professional camera.
  • Once its time to go to hospital I will be by your side the whole time.
  • I help explain hospital policies and medical terminology and make sure you feel like there is always a choice. You will never feel pushed into a corner to make a decision, there is always time to discuss options.
  • I work with Essential Oils to balance out the mood which I bring along with me
  • I make sure you stay focused and remind you of breathing techniques or different positions.
  • I help make sure your birth plan is followed and I will create a bubble around you and your partner so you feel safe and comfortable to have your baby.
  • Once baby is born I will stay until you are confident with feeding and holding your baby.
  • I will come back for a debrief session once you are back at home and can give advice on breastfeeding and settling your baby.

For a longer, detailed meeting please see my postnatal package.

It was during the birth was where Julia really shines and her supportive & calm demeanour allowed my wife and I to feel much more prepared than we ever would have expected. Julia does not force an opinion, she simply acts as a support person with a positive attitude and gives you the confidence you need to make the right decisions for yourself. (Helena & Lee 2015)

Northern Beaches
NSW 2107