Early Prenatal Info Package: $ 120

For this visit I come to your home and offer to listen to what it is exactly that you want to achieve.

I offer advice and point you in the right direction while boosting your confidence in making a decision that is right for you and your partner. We cover topics like:

  • where do I start in deciding or changing to birth at home?
  • how do I choose the right midwife?
  • what do I need to know about birthing at home?
  • what do I need to organise?
  • how do I tell my family and friends?

Home Birth Doula Package includes: 

  • 2hr meetings twice before your due date at your home
  • Endless Advice, Information and suggestions
  • Dvds and book recommendations for you to prepare for birth and motherhood
  • Planning and drawing up a birth plan
  • Talking through plan A but also running through plan B!
  • Talking through your dreams, fears and all concerns
  • Giving you options from the moment you meet me until the day we part ways
  • I can be with you with your first contractions at your home
  • I can provide fairy lights, music and essential oils
  • Photos taken on your phone, otherwise I can bring my professional SLR Camera to take photos of the event
  • Create a beautiful, safe space for you and your partner to birth in
  • You can rely on me to: massage, chat, laugh, make tea, hold you up, suggest different positions, stay calm, stay positive, keep you warm, keep you cold, keep your partner focused and energized, hold your hand and so much more …
  • Stay until your baby is in your arms
  • Offer support with first breastfeed
  • Come and visit once you are home to debrief

Please see my postnatal package for the support I offer after you have your baby.

⭐️Home birth Doula Services:⭐️

The cost of hiring me as your Doula is $1250.

This cost includes 2 long visits before your due date, me attending your birth from whenever you need me until you are happy and well with your baby in your arms and 1 visit to debrief the birth.

At the time of booking me I require a $150 non refundable deposit. This secures your spot in my diary and I will not take someone else on during this time.

50% of $1100 is payable after our first visit with you and the remaining 50% is payable 10 days before your due date.

♥️ Postnatal Services: $350 ♥️

Supporting women on their postnatal journey is really really important and something that we have forgotten how to do. I am determined to bring that back! Whether you birthed at home or in hospital I am here to support you.

This support package includes:

  • 2 visits after the birth of your baby (2hr long each)
  • I bring 2 home cooked meals that will nourish you and your baby
  • advice and help with breastfeeding
  • what foods and drinks to avoid
  • advice and help with swaddling and settling options
  • setting up a routine for later
  • what to look out for (Mastitis, bad habits, etc..)
  • anything that comes up for you in the early days of parenthood

If you are only interested in someone capturing your birth with a professional camera I am more than happy to come along as just your birth photographer.

This will include meeting you at home for part of your labour and joining you at the hospital for the birth. I have taken many beautiful photos and captured many amazing moments so feel free to enquire about this service.

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